Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gaiman's Graveyard

Neil Gaiman came to town this evening. His latest work, The Graveyard Book, went on sale yesterday, and he's touring with it, reading a chapter a night, in order, until the entire tale has been told. We residents of Philadelphia were treated to Chapter 2.

As the lights went down in the auditorium, the ghost of (or rather, a cartoony impression of) Vincent Price came over the speakers, lamenting the fact that his cookbook was out of print, but otherwise enthusiastically introducing Mr. Gaiman. Our man in black eventually made his way to the stage, and said a few words before diving in to the evening's chapter.

The Graveyard Book tells the story of Bod (short for Nobody) - a young boy who grows up in a graveyard, raised by ghosts, after every other member of his family has been dispatched.

After the reading, there was an intermission, followed by a short video about the upcoming Coraline movie. A handful of quick scenes, and a bunch of soundbites from the author, director & voice actors, and it was over almost as soon as it started. Looks great, though.

Then Neil was back, answering questions from the audience, asked by way of index cards handed out before the start of the event. He spoke about his recent trip to China, his choice of superpower (either multiple bodies or the ability to stretch time), the numerous breasts he's been asked to sign, and a handful of other things I'll probably remember the moment I post this.

All in all, a fun event. This is the fourth reading of his I've been to, and he has yet to disappoint. And by the way, if the tour doesn't come to your area, you can still join in the fun. Video of each reading will be appearing here shortly after each event.

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The Graveyard Book is a delightful fantasy, a recreation of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. It is a tale about a boy raised in a graveyard by ghosts, rather than a boy raised in a jungle by animals. Gaiman is a prolific writer, having written adult novels, young adult novels, graphic novels, and even movie screenplays. This is the first novel of his that I have read, and I am curious to read more. He writes in a very playful style, with a narrator who isn't afraid to be witty, and on top of that, the story is entertaining, too.