Friday, April 10, 2009


Here's a handful of shots from "Dormitorium", the recent exhibition of figures and film sets (or "d├ęcors") by the Quay Brothers, at Philadelphia's University of the Arts. On display (for the first time ever in North America) were original sets from films like Street of Crocodiles, Rehearsals For Extinct Anatomies, The Cabinet of Jan Svankmejer, The Epic of Gilgamesh/This Unnameable Little Broom, the Stille Nacht series, The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, and more. Beautiful work, as evidenced below:

Unfortunately the exhibition here in Philly just ended. But you can catch it at Parsons in New York from July 15 to October 4, and at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia in the Fall.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Our main topic of discussion at Ye Olde Daye Jobb this morning...

That's (well, was) about 15 feet from my desk.


How did March slide through without a single blog post? Wow.

Anyway, a couple things with my art on them arrived here at 13V HQ recently. First up, Floorian's new album "More Fiend":

The cover image, entitled "Float", can be seen in it's entirety right here. For sound samples & purchase information, head over to Floorian's site.

Also got my copy of Andrew Repasky McElhinney's new film, Animal Husbandry:

It's good to finally see this printed - Andrew & I originally conceived of this deceptively simple silhouette about 5 years ago. Check out his site here.