In the midst of a heat wave punctuated by frequent rainstorms, people are losing their heads. Literally. Not only that, but their bodies are still walking, and attacking others.

And to make matters worse, tiny, translucent, maggot-sized worms are falling from the skies like hail.

As uncanny violence threatens to take over the city, Linzy, Carter, and Joanna become fast friends and leave for points unknown, hoping to stay alive, hoping to outrun the Headless.

"Cole masterfully weaves gore, horror, and aliens, all while providing realistic characters. Absurd, bizarre, and oftentimes funny, Headless is a winner."
— Daniel J. Volpe, author of Talia and Plastic Monsters

"In the glorious tradition of Night of the Creeps and James Gunn’s Slither, Headless is a midnight movie cult classic waiting to happen. With this bloody good time of a tome, Scott Cole shows he’s in the business of blowing minds."
— Bryan Smith, author of Depraved and 68 Kill

"I’m split on when’s the best time to imbibe Headless. Whether it’s on an empty stomach, or a full one, your intestinal fortitude is so screwed. Scott Cole takes nausea and turns it into an art form."
— Clay McLeod Chapman, author of What Kind of Mother and Ghost Eaters

"An insane premise firing on all cylinders—gory, nihilistic, and sometimes hilarious, Headless scratches the itch of those joyous late night scary movies watched with a disbelieving gasp."
— Laurel Hightower, author of Below and Crossroads

Available in paperback and ebook.



A new homeowner finds a large, inexplicable egg behind a door...
A traveler seeks a bizarre creature from folklore...
An abused spouse takes matters into their own hands...
A stranger tempts passersby with a mystery in the trunk of his car...
A man discovers a cemetery walled off from the rest of town...
A family finds out what the vacation of a lifetime really entails...
And a sleep aid wakes up.

These are just some of the strange tales within, as Scott Cole returns with a new collection featuring his unique brand of unusual horror stories.

"No other living author writes the uncanny and the weird as compellingly as Scott Cole. His new collection, Departures, is a deftly written tightrope act balancing between moments of quiet gentleness and the chillingly absurd."
— Eric LaRocca, author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke and Other Misfortunes

"I first encountered the work of Scott Cole in the context of bizarro fiction, which won't seem too surprising after you've read these surreal stories of terror, like episodes of Tales from the Darkside beamed in from a universe where the boundaries of horror are so much weirder and more elastic."
— Orrin Grey, author of How to See Ghosts & Other Figments

"Departures is everything you could want in a horror collection: sharp, short, and undeniably scary. The stories in these pages are by turns horrifying, surprising, unnerving, and always intriguing. Put this book on your reading list, and keep Scott Cole on your horror radar; he's most definitely an author to watch."
— Gwendolyn Kiste, three-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens and Reluctant Immortals

Available in paperback and ebook.



You wake up Monday morning and everyone is crazy. Everyone was already crazy, though, right? But somehow things are worse today. People are angry, throwing chairs out of office windows, eating rocks, violently scratching their necks, and running naked through the streets. They’re killing each other for no reason and laughing through the carnage. The whole city is like this. And meteors are falling from the hazy skies above. How are you going to survive? Do you even want to? This isn’t just another manic Monday. This is Crazytimes.

“fuses Cronenbergian body horror and visions of the apocalypse onto a wry, heartfelt-yet-absurdist first-person narrative that falls tonally somewhere between Joe Lansdale and Sam Raimi.”
— Shawn Macomber, Rue Morgue

“A rampaging rhino of a fun time”
— Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews “A tongue-in-cheek orgy of gore-splattered insanity”
Peter Caffrey, Ginger Nuts of Horror

Available in paperback and ebook.



Jesse Jinx is a p*rn star. She has dreams of starting her own adult film production company where she and the other actors will be treated more fairly. But there won’t be a production company if she can’t come up with the money—or if there aren’t any p*rn stars left.

A deranged killer is on the loose, targeting adult entertainers, and choking them to death with a weapon that leaves no trace of itself. When the authorities refuse to help Jesse and her two closest friends, the three women decide to take matters into their own hands...with axes. As their colleagues fall one by one, they have a plan to stay alive—and they’re ready to hatchet!

"So fun, so much slashery goodness. Couldn't put it down."
— Stephen Graham Jones, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of My Heart is a Chainsaw

"A genuine cult film on the printed page. TRIPLE AXE is arguably the wildest tale of 2018..."
— The Horror Fiction Review

"Hilarious at times and horrific at others. Cole's encyclopedic knowledge of film, seemingly all film, is wielded weapon-like throughout the book."
— Ginger Nuts of Horror

"Gore and explicit sex splatter the pages, but Triple Axe keeps the mood light with a comedic undertone plus a sense of empowerment embraced by our female leads...Triple Axe is a gritty, gore-filled, wet dream of a novel."
— Sci-Fi & Scary

Available in paperback and ebook.



Are you hungry for something different? Something weird? Horrific? Funny? Uncomfortable? Surreal? Try a slice.

A man opens his door to a most unusual salesman, whose wares are not quite what they seem... A writer on a retreat discovers a talking insect, and a tree bearing fruit that looks just like cats... A demented clown acts as one poor soul's daily alarm clock... A man in a homemade spaceship encounters a terror he never could have expected - something that wasn't in his guidebook... A professional eater starts to crave the most forbidden food... A man on the verge of suicide begins cutting, and in doing so, finds a reason to exist...

These and many more Tales of Bizarro and Absurdist Horror.

"Mindblowing...A nice introduction to a very imaginative, if weird, mind."
— Hellnotes

"Wildly weird and brutally bizarre...Over thirty tales of twisted terror and odd behaviors...I loved them all."
— Ginger Nuts of Horror

"These pages are filled with unique and creepy stories...It's an all you can eat buffet of horror! I very rarely revisit books, but I will make an exception for this collection."
— Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews

Available in paperback and ebook.



Mad Science, Phantom Limbs, Giant Monsters, and Ice Cream!

Darren Legend is a former construction worker who’s lost his right arm. Michelle Mayfair is a former Olympic runner who no longer has her legs. And Dr. Griffin Rains wants to talk with both of them. He’s a “phantom limb therapist”...who may also be a megalomaniacal mad scientist.

When Dr. Rains assembles a giant ghost-monster from the phantom limbs he’s stolen from hundreds of amputees, the city is in for the most bizarre nightmare it’s ever seen. And it’s up to Darren and Michelle, with the help of a few friends, to stop Rains and the strange terror of the SuperGhost!

This newly-revised edition of Scott Cole’s bizarro/sci-fi/horror novella also features a brand-new prequel short story, “The Science Fair”.

"Horror junkies who crave a quick-fix reading experience akin to watching Re-Animator or Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead movies will likely enjoy Scott Cole's foray into the bizarre and blissfully bonkers subgenre called Bizarro Fiction."
— Diabolique

"Ridiculous? Yeah. Silly? Hell yeah. Fun? Fuck yeah!"
— Shock Totem

"I can certainly guarantee that no one has told a story like this before. It never goes where you think it will and always keeps you guessing..."
— Horror Underground

"a clever and intelligent farce"
— The Novel Pursuit

Available in paperback and ebook.