Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haunted Tales

A couple shots from "Atlantic City's Newest Attraction", Haunted Tales...

The front of the place (where these pics were taken), is basically a spooky gift shop.

But once inside, if you pay a few bucks, they'll take you to the back room, where you're treated to two scary stories - one about the Jersey Devil, the other a pirate-themed ghost story - told in a fully animated theater. It's about 15 minutes worth of entertainment, during which the entire creepy room actually comes alive. Lightning strikes, objects move, ghosts appear, and so on. Oh, and you actually feel the rainstorm.

Overall, the scares are fairly tame (after all, this is an all-ages attraction), but it was definitely a fun way to spend a portion of the night we were there.

If you're going, coupons are available here.