Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sure, you've seen Nosferatu before, but have you ever been to a screening with musicians performing a live, original score? You have? Oh. Well, you probably haven't heard this one.

If you're in Philadelphia tomorrow night, come check out a screening of the original 1922 Nosferatu, with a live score performed by members of the West Philly Orchestra, Rhinoceri Trio, Normal Love, and the Oscuro Quintet. I designed the flyer below.

It's happening at The Rotunda (4014 Walnut St. in West Philly/University City) on Friday, October 29 at 7pm. 5 bucks gets you in.


Wings said...

Wish I was gonna be anywhere nearby!

pcoristi said...

The first time I saw this film was on tv. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcast it one night back in the late 70s with what sounded like an original silent film piano score.

As a teen watching this old weird film, I was totally creeped out. Especially the scene where Count Orlock skulks through the streets with his coffin under his arm shortly after arriving in the city...

Have fun!