Friday, August 14, 2015

Recent reviews

I’m normally not one to call attention to myself. It would be far more desirable to just write stories and make art and have people magically find them. But being a creative person—particularly an indie writer who doesn't have the reach of a big New York publishing company and their marketing department—means that calling attention to oneself from time to time is a bit of a necessity.

Plus, who doesn't like to share good news? So, with that in mind, I'm happy to say that I've received some very nice reviews of SuperGhost recently. Here are a few choice quotes, with links to the full reviews for anyone who might be interested:

“Horror junkies who crave a quick-fix reading experience akin to watching Re-Animator or Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead movies will likely enjoy Scott Cole’s foray into the bizarre and blissfully bonkers subgenre called Bizarro Fiction.” —DIABOLIQUE MAGAZINE (full review here)

“a clever and intelligent farce” —THE NOVEL PURSUIT (full review here)

“I can certainly guarantee that no one has told a story like this before. It never goes where you think it will and always keeps you guessing…” —HORROR UNDERGROUND (full review here)

...and, ya know...if you still haven't picked up a copy of SuperGhost, Amazon currently has the paperback on sale, at 11% off the regular price (EDIT: Now 20% off!). So feel free to click riiiiight heeeeere.